Hila Di Castro

Hila Di Castro

Character arc in a long form

LEVEL 03 | More than 5 years experienced

English translated to Italian

This workshop is for improvisers who find themselves playing the main character (or any character) in a long form, and are unsure of how to develop the character’s arc and move the story forward.

When improvising longforms, we often focus much of our attention on the plot, trying to create the story from without. Another way of telling a story is from within, by following character arcs: What is happening to the character? What are their choices, actions, highs and lows, strengths and flaws? Stories told from the perspective of the character arc have a strong internal driving force and shine a light on human nature, in all its splendor and imperfection. For us as improvisers, this is both a great challenge and an exhilarating ride.

In this workshop, we will learn how to create compelling character arcs that will move and surprise our audiences, empower us to dare into stronger and more interesting characters and choices and leave everyone asking for more.

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I am an actress, international improviser and teacher based in Israel. You can find me every year in Pandora improve festival  as the director of the international cast.

 I am a co-founder, member and co-artistic director of the trio MOMENTUM – one of the leading improv groups in Israel. 

During my  20 years of improvisation I have created a number of formats, the latest and the one I am most proud of is  the show “Woman up! – what does it mean to be a woman on this planet”  I am also the host and one of the performers of  both the Israeli and the international cast. My vision with this show is to have it worldwide and have the format as  a worldwide project with a web of women groups performing it worldwide.

I am the co creator of “20,000 words” an improv shows and workshops that advocate gender equity throughout Israel.

 For over 10 years now I have been touring the world performing and teaching – acting and improv. I have taught and performed in over 15 countries, always Bringing my unique, inspiring, personal style and improv philosophy.

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