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0035_1550163513783.jpg... WITH HIS OWN STYLE
0022_1550163534830.jpg...HIS PASSION
IMG_3026_1550164012080.JPG...HIS ENERGY
pandora-gruppo_55_1550163715357.JPG...HIS HAPPYNESS

Enzo Zammuto

The Diplomatic Corp

The local man, knows everyone, speaks the local dialect, organizes the logistics...

The nerd
Paste pieces, system every member of the festival, look for solutions, do things, see people ...

The organizer of events
Imagine, create, organize surprises and gadgets, keep accounts, but the thing for which he really comes to the festival is breakfast at the bar in the town.

Mauro Simolo

Marcello Savi


The jester
He's the soul of the party, the one that stays awake until 5 in the morning with the last knights of the night. It always ends without voice, but happy.

Martina Pavone

The bar
Since 2012 he has been responsible for drinking all the hundreds of thirsty people who crowd the Pandora's House park. Love him!

The WoW effect
As the only woman in the artistic direction she is also the only intelligent and pragmatic one. She knows all the improvisers of the world and brings them to Pontenure. He does it to practice English.

Paolo Puleo

Stefano Marcucci


Antonella Serra

The Accountant
She counts everything.
Money, teeth, beans in the vase of Raffaella Carrà ... If there is a group of things she counts it, it's like that.


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